Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Journey to a Story...Part 8...An Enexpected Trip

So my novel RED ISLAND is being edited by a couple of really great people and then it is a matter of re-releasing it for ebook and getting print copies out there.  At the same time I'm putting together the last 4 chapters of the second Reid novel, RED SERGE.  As soon as it is done it's off to several test readers and editors to get it on it's way.  For RI I'm still hoping to put it out again on ebook at the end of May (shooting for Mum's birthday) with the paperback following soon after.  RS I am hoping for July 1st (Canada Day) but it all depends on the schedules of everyone involved.  Right now my "technical advisor" (an actual Sgt. in the RCMP) is checking it over to make sure the police work is right and a test reader is checking out what is done.

I need to come up with some interesting ways to promote both of those books.  A friend (Stacey Miller Voss author of Thunder and Blood) told me to do something no one else is doing.  Sure, no problem.

Stephanie Andrassy (author of Noble Lies and The White Peacock) did something that I thought free on Kobo) and people liked it so much that she decided it was the prologue to the novel she is releasing later in May.
might work well for THE CISTERN which as you may know about through this blog has been going on a great journey.  She wrote a short story called, The White Peacock (

(psst did I happen to mention that both Stacey and Stephanie are Canadian woot woot for my home team)

Right away I started thinking up a prologue short story to THE CISTERN.  In Part 7 I tried to decide prologue or chapter one.  I picked the latter and introduced the reader to Maeve who is locked in a room made of cinderblocks. did she get there.  I wasn't really planning on giving a detailed description of how she made it into this cistern.  At most I was going to give a few clues throughout a lot of chapters so that the reader got the story but didn't get bogged down with backstory.  (if you read my reviews you know that I have issues with boring backstory)  But a FREE short story about how Maeve got into the cistern would probably be an excillent way of promoting the future novel.

So much to write.

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  1. Hi Lorne; Just wanted to say Thank-you for using my photograph to represent your character of Maeve. Should you require a larger file formate, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.


    Wendy Kreger-Hildebrand