Monday, 27 May 2013

Kindle for PC

As of May 28th my novel Red Island is going to be available exclusively on Amazon/Kindle.  It's all due to sales and being able to give FREE days.  (Which are going to be June 12 & 13th and then again in August)

I know what you're thinking, But I don't have a Kindle ereader.  Do you have a computer?  How about a smartphone?  You can download for FREE an application that will let you purchase, download, and read books that are available on Kindle right to your PC or phone.  You do that, promise me that you'll get my book on a free day (or purchase it for 2.99CND/US yippee), and I will send you a couple links to some web sites that advertise new freebie books every day.

Click on the link below that best suites your needs and then let me know you want the web sites for those free books.  You can also look around on the Amazon web site for great books by amazing authors.  If you are want the paperback - let me know.  It will be available through Amazon by June 13th.

Kindle for PC                  Kindle for iPhone                 Kindle for Mac

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