Tuesday, 14 May 2013

CYOA - Your turn to send me on an adventure

You ever have an idea that sort of goes off on its own?  What about an idea that you invite others in
to send you on a path?  Imagine if Marco Polo was heading across country to make a link to China for the spice trade and every once in a while somebody got to say, "go that way now."

Another writer, Natasha House, started doing a Choose Your Own Adventure on her blog and Facebook page.  I used to love reading those books when I was a kid.  Mostly because each part was short.  My daughter actually brought one home from the library recently.  So with Natasha's blessing I decided to do my very own CYOA story.

My origional thought was to do an old school - noir - Sherlock Holmesy kind of story.  I put it out there on my Facebook page asking people for NAMES, PLACES, OBJECTS, and even made up WORDS.  This is who sent me ideas and what I have to work with.

Sebastian Romu - Harlow Thromby and a red herring

Jessica Pichula - Something to do with magic.  and a character named Fredderick who's favorite food is frogs legs.

Jay Lavallee - Darryl Denhardt, Dartmouth NS, DVD of Rocky III, a Michael Jackson cassette tape, the word Hella-cool, Canadian Forces Afghanistan veteran with PTSD and depression

Natasha House - Adam, Xavier, Jewel, Quinn, an abandoned church, 1800's house, broken hammer, grape jelly

Maria Lankinen-Hayward - a deserving person who is alone in the middle of nowhere with a mountain lion

Linda Siddall - Stewart Wendell, a short, round as he is tall, trouble maker.

See what happens when you ask for things.  Not sure what I'm going to do with everything, but I'm going to try my hardest to work everything in there.  Sure, no problem.

So the next step is me writing the first part to the story and then it will be up to the fans, friends, and (what the hell) my enemies out there to make the choice on where the story should go.  I see nothing going wrong with this plan.

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