Original 2012 Cover

The sound of the waves crashing on the beach – the constant drip, drip of the blood falling from her foot to the dead leaves on the ground.  Sgt. Reid of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stared up at the woman swinging in the breeze.  He thought they called this, “the gentle island.”  Drip.

Crime has never been a large worry on Prince Edward Island, certainly not homicide.  You’d never think that it could be the perfect breeding ground for a serial killer.  Drip.

Husband, father, RCMP member.  He had to leave the West coast and PEI was the farthest he could get.  He has bad memories of a killer there and how it was handled, how he handled it.  He wanted to get away from murder.

PEI (Prince Edward Island)
2013 Ebook and Paperback Cover
“The Gentle Island.”  There hadn’t been a homicide on the island since the eighties.  Sure there was crime, but it was quiet.  Nobody ever got killed.
Just your average guy, Island born and bred.  So why does he have a need to kill?   What made him the monster he was to become? 

For a long time I have wanted to tell a story that explains how someone could become a serial killer starting with childhood and going up.  At the same time I didn’t want that person to be the hero.  The police officers are the true hero’s.  In Red Island I do both.” Lorne

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