Wednesday, 17 April 2013

What Mom Says

When I was younger I was secretly jealous of my parents.  Both of them read novels like it was the sustenance they needed to go on.  Grandma or Aunty Joni or someone my Dad worked with would drop off a shopping bag full of books that the two of them would read through, write their initials on the first page so they didn’t repeat books, and then the bag of novels would go onto the next person.  To this day I have no idea where the bags of book originated.
I was a very slow reader.  Every page I wrote made me want to fall asleep, so no matter how much I knew it was good for my writing I wouldn’t read a lot.  Only in the past few years have I truly found the joy of reading.
My Mother can get a book and tell me in two or three days that she’s done while I still struggle along trying to read the same book for weeks.  So I thought, why not have Mom write some reviews.  Only problem is she doesn’t think she has much to say so I’m going to ask her the questions and write the reviews for her.

For her first review I asked Mom to read Nowhere to Run by Nina D’Angelo.  For this book I was reading it to do a review and it had received such great amazing reviews that I couldn’t understand why I didn’t like.  I haven’t done a review for it because I stopped reading it.  I reached a scene where the main character does something that I thought was stupid in the movie I Know What you did Last Summer. (the throwing your arms out and challenging the unseen, unknown killer to come get her)  There is a lot of backstory that seems to keep repeating itself over and over and what seemed to me like a lot of soap opera action.  I wondered if maybe this isn’t really a guy’s book, so I asked Mom what she thought.

Book................Nowhere To Run

Author...............Nina D'Angelo

Rating...............4 stars out of 5

Was the story believable for you?... in this crazy world anything is possible, would you go or be able to go after the killer yourself, I don't think so.

Would you recommend it to friends?.......Yes

Did any part of the book stand out?........I didn't like the ending.  They got the killer but someone else is watching.  You have to wait for next book to see who ends up with who.  I'm not one for sequels

Would you read more books from this author?........Yes, I would read more of this Authors books

Synopsis from Amazon
A dominatrix is murdered; her body displayed in a show of dominance. An actress is found dead beneath the Hollywood sign. There's a murderer roaming the streets of Los Angeles and he's having far too much fun to stop. Stephanie Carovella is a woman of fire and ice. She left her career, her friends and her home town of LA but she couldn't outrun the demons of her past. When she is lured back by the death of her best friend she enters a world where no one's safe. Can Stephanie find her friend's killer or will she discover that she has nowhere to run?

So that's what Mom Says.  Maybe I was in a bad mood when I started reading Nowhere to Run.  I was struggling with my own writing a tthe time.  So to be fare I am going to wait a little while and then try reading the novel again.  If you want to see what others had to say about the novel click on this link, Nowhere to Run.


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