Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Savages an Excerpt by CD Breadner

The second author stopping by on my Halloweenish Mystery Thrill Ride is CD Breadner with an excerpt from the upcoming 3rd book in her Sin Eater Series SAVAGES.  It's a tale about a tasty treat!

Lynn "Cherry" Phang was standing in the shower, water pouring down over her shoulders in a warm embrace, trying to keep her stomach from heaving.

Her mouth was full of the coppery taste of blood. Raw meat stuck between her teeth and she used her tongue to try prying it loose. It was something else to focus on other than her trembling insides.

Danicka had let her take the blade on this one. She had been astride the young man on the floor, feeling the bucking as his orgasm ran through him, and when he'd opened his eyes she'd had her arms above her head, silver blade flashing down into the centre of his chest, so sharp the cartilage around his sternum didn't so much as wink in resistance.

He hadn't had time to make any noise. He was staring up at her, hands still clenching her thighs, mouth falling wide open as she continued grinding against him, hands on the blade, reaching her own peak right at the moment the light in his eyes went out.

Danicka had shown her how to make the cuts, how to grip the edges of the rib cage tightly, and wrench the halves apart to open the chest cavity. It didn't work to be dainty and careful. This was the cage that held all the vitals; it was strong and you had to work to break into it.

She didn't need an MD to find the heart. It was deep red, and when her hand closed around it she was shocked at how hard it was. It came out like a slippery boulder, warm and glistening. She could clearly see where the knife had sliced into it.

Human teeth were tough enough to tear into it, as it turned out. This was her kill and it was up to her to consume the entire heart. Danicka, still naked, sat back on her heels to watch with studious intensity. Blood was on her chest and up her arms, completely coating her hands from the instruction. Absently she licked her fingers clean as she supervised.

It had taken Cherry an hour to eat the whole heart. She had stayed on the young man's body, noticing absently that his erection still faded, even after death. Or maybe that was just from the blood loss elsewhere. She wasn't free of that appendage until the heart was gone, forced down her throat like a warm, metallic mass. Her esophagus tried to accommodate but it was a lot of mental work to keep it all down.

She opened her eyes, staring down at her feet as the last of the man's blood whirled around the drain before slipping away. She picked it out from under her nails, scrubbed her torso with both hands, just to be absolutely sure it was all gone. Danicka wouldn't let her use a washcloth, something about there being enough of their DNA in the place as it was.

Cherry turned the water off, stepping into the coolness of the bathroom and feeling some relief from it. Her stomach hadn't been doing well in the warm water and humidity.

She raised her eyes to her reflection in the mirror. Her own eyes were wide and dark staring back at her, and as she focused on them the warmness started.

Cherry didn't know how to explain it. The first time she and Nancy had shared a heart with Danicka it had been like a cocaine rush; pure energy flowing through her blood, warm and vibrant. She could feel her body humming with the power she'd just consumed, and at that time she had only been able to handle about a fifth of the heart on her own.

For Cherry, that was her new high. Every time she got to take part in a kill the rush was amazing, her reward, until it started to take more and more for her to feel it. The last time she'd only had one woman to share it with. This time the rush was all hers.

Her eyes closed and her head fell back. Her skin puckered with goose flesh, her nipples hardened and she felt her entire body twitch. It was better than any drug. Hell, it was better than sex with Onis, even. It was a cosmic orgasm, the energy of the lost life all hers now, strengthening everything from bone to muscle to skin.

When she opened her eyes again, cheeks pinks, mouth parted and panting with almost carnal satisfaction, Danicka was in the doorway, dressed and smiling.

"My dear Cherry," she purred, coming forward with Cherry's clothes and setting them on the vanity.  "I'm proud of you, babe."

Cherry grinned. "That was amazing. I feel fucking ... invincible."

Danicka's grin intensified to match Cherry's. "Perfect, babe. Now let's get clothes on you, and let's go home to wait for Onis."

Cherry basically quivered at that thought. After the kill, Onis always took the women to new heights of orgasmic pleasure, and at the last minute it always seemed like the kill never happened. Even if she'd had some niggling guilt, like she had the first few times, he made it go away and that made this high all the more explosive.

"Let's go," she agreed, reaching for her clothes.

C.D. Breadner is a Canadian author of the novels Sin Eater and Soul Stealer.  Earlier this year she released the first novel in a new series titled Indulge (Red Rebels MC Book 1)

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