Saturday, 11 October 2014

Happy Halloween...Month

It's October!!  The leaves are falling.  You can smell the snow in the air.  Kids are bugging their parents for the latest costumes to go trick-o-treating with.  Older "kids" are picking costumes that barely cover anything.  Oh and hunting season is open.  What a great time to gather up some friends and tell some ghosty type stories.

I have some great authors lined up:

Aaron Paul Lazar - author of the Tall Pines Mysteries, the LeGarde Mysteries and others
October 12
C.D. Breadner - author of the Sin Eater Series and the Red Rebels MC Books
October 14
Carmen Amato - author of the Emilia Cruz Stories
October 17
Cheryl Bradshaw - author of the Sloane Monroe Mysteries and others
October 19
Yvonne Yourkowski - author of Murder from Beyond the Grave
October 22
Garrard Hayes - author of Bourbon & Blood
October 25
Penn Wallace - author of the Ted Higuera Series, the Catrina Flaherty Mysterys and others
October 27
Kate Kulig - author of the Bloody Murder Mysteries
October 29
Brooklyn Hudson - author of Wishbone
October 31

And maybe I'll be able to get a few others.  You never know who or what might show up.

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  1. I think one of my friends had attended one of event of yours as she was talking something similar to what you have mentioned here. I wish if there were similar NYC events happening in same budget range and I won’t have missed even a single.