Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Review of the Novel Corktown by Ty Hutchinson

Corktown, by Ty Hutchinson, is the story of an FBI agent trying to solve serial killings in Detroit that closely resembles a solved serial killing from years before.  Copycat or political cover-up?

I won a signed copy of Corktown in a recent blog hop.  It is the first Indie book I have been able to physically hold and author Ty Hutchinson also sent along a couple of bookmarks so I had some high hopes.  The basic story is good, but I wasn’t a fan of the entire book as a whole.  There were a lot of point0s of view which at times became confusing and there was a lot of telling the story instead of showing.

For me personally, I didn’t like the first chapter and given a crabby mood might have stopped there.  To me it was a lot of background that could have been spread out in small snip-its through the book.  I also wasn’t a fan of the short chapters that seemed to stop midway through a scene only to continue on the next page with the exact same thoughts.  Also in the first couple of chapters there were some cliché remarks.  For instance:  starting a chapter with “That same day” or having a character say, “Just as I suspected.”  It reminded me of Scooby-Doo cartoons.  And as far as the end went, it seemed very drawn out and by the time I got to the last few chapters I wanted to hurry up.

That all sounds harsh doesn’t it?  As I’ve said in other reviews the beginning and ending are what make it or break it for me.  This one broke.  I liked the middle and would like to read some more of Ty’s other books, but I’m not sure if I would read Corktown again.

As for those who complained about the sexual content in other reviews – get over it.  A lot of it is what the bad guy does and out there in real life it isn’t pretty.  It doesn’t cut to commercial.  The most unbelievable part for me was two people having sex in the front seat of a Mini.
I give Corktown 3 stars

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