Thursday, 12 June 2014

Summer Splash Blog Hop and THE CISTERN Book Release

Summer Blog Hop,
     tra la la la la
Summer Blog Hop
     yeah yeah yeah

Okay, I'll stop singing.  Hey!  The Summer Splash Blog Hop is here!!!!!!

Time to get ready for summer with some great Indie Authors and their amazing books.  So many great authors are in it this year with so many great books.  There are tons of prizes to be won like gift cards and jewlery and food.  I know someone has giant chocolate covered fortune cookies.  I've never seen one before either, but I think I'd like to.  Visit all the author sites and you could even win a Kindle Fire or giant packs of paperbacks and ebooks.  Down at the bottom I've got a link for all that stuff.

Here's the special treat!!
My brand spankin' new novel THE CISTERN, first in my ALCREST MYSTERY series is due out on Monday June 16th, but just for you bloggers I have released it early on lucky Friday the thirteenth.  Check it out on the links below.

Amazon US
Amazon Canada
Amazon UK

It isn’t always what’s in the dark that you should be afraid of…

When Chrys asks her brother, Spencer, for help to clean a foreclosed house for the bank, neither expects their lives to be on the line.  It’s supposed to be a simple Sunday; take pictures…clean out the house…collect the cash.  Chrys and Spencer are plunged into a fight for their lives when the house reveals unspeakable horrors.

…sometimes things in the light are even more deadly.

Prizes Time!!!
1. An ebook copy of RED ISLAND .......... just leave a comment below and a random winner will be chosen.  (Take a look Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK)
2. An ebook copy of RED SERGE ........... like my author Facebook page and a random winner will be chosen (RS is going through a new bout of editing, so the ebook will be sent as soon as it's done)  (Take a look Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK)
3. An ebook copy of THE CISTERN ............ add The Cistern as a book to read on Goodreads and, you guessed it, a random winner will be chosen.
4. Set of dreamcatcher earrings and magnetic bracellette worn by Chrys Alcrest in THE CISTERN ......... purchase THE CISTERN and send an email to the email address in the back of the book.  (it's a brand new email address so don't send one to my regular one)

"You know, those are lovely earrings," Beverly said as she rested her hands over the first book.  It had the title Family Memories.
     Chrys smiled with a polite thank you.  She had forgotten about putting the earrings on.  They were wire dream catchers with beads of smokey blue amongst the web and a single silver feather hanging down the middle.  She absently tucked her hair behind her ear to show the matching magnetic bracelet.  She thought the earrings brought her luck.  As she watched the woman open the photo album she started to wonder.  Chrys ignored her brother tapping her leg.  They were torturing these two by asking questions about a lost child, so the least they could do was indulge the woman.  It was only ten minutes before both women were crying......
.......Chrys looked at herself in the rear-view mirror.  Her skin was red around the eyes.  She brushed her hair back behind her ear.  She still wore the dreamcatcher earrings.  Damn it.  She forgot to take them off when she was changing.  She'd have to make sure to put them in her jacket pocket before hitting the floor at the studio in case any of her students were there.  It was barely supper time, so kids were certain to be there.
She turned the key in the ignition.  Loud music blared through the speakers. 
"What the …" The radio wasn't that loud when they got back from the veterinarians.  Chrys leaned over and turned down the volume.  As she sat up, her eyes flicked to the rear-view mirror.  There was a shadow there, a shadow behind her. 
Oh my God!
Elizabeth Frances
(the muse for Chrys Alcrest)
is an actress in the movies
Drunktowns Finest
and Ghost Forest
Hands reached out of the dark. 
Chrys turned to the door.  She had to get out.  She had to scream.  Spencer.
A hand clasped down on her mouth.  Another grabbed the side of her head.
There was a smell.  What was that?
There were stars and flashes of red in her eyes. 
She had to run. 
Chrys lurched forward.  Something hooked her earlobe.  There was a ripping pain.  What was it?  A sound that she couldn't understand escaped her throat.  She felt heat on the side of her neck.  Her head hit the door frame.  The world spun.  Chrys felt like she was falling.  Was she falling?  Pain.  Something cold touched her face, her body. 
The world turned rapidly.  Things faded around the outside.  Dark replaced light.
Here is the link to get back to the Summer Splash Blog Hop.
Good Luck and Good Reading.


  1. Have a great summer. Thank you for participating in this great blog hop

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