Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sometimes you have to get Frisky - a review

There's this great writer who lives in Toronto.  She writes murder mysteries about a sassy, sexy, drum playing private investigator who lives with her gambling father and chef brother.  Jill Edmondson found me by seeing my picture and asking if I was a chef, she works at a culinary school, and I'm glad she did because I was able to find the world of Sasha Jackson.

Frisky Business is the second novel I've read in this series (it's the 4th in the whole thing) and I really want to read more.  Here's my review.....

Jill Edmondson pulls you into her latest Sasha Jackson Mystery and doesn’t let you go.  Frisky Business, the 4th novel in the series, takes the best of old school PI detective novels and blends it with the life of a woman trying to figure out her own life.  Right from the jump you walk in with the client as she, Raven, hires Sasha to investigate the murder of her friend, and fellow porn star Kitty Vixen.  The questions and possible suspects quickly pile up.
What I really like about the Sasha Jackson Mysteries is that the hero is a flawed, normal person.  You get to see her life change from book to book.  Her man troubles, best friend troubles, living arrangement troubles, learning how to drive troubles, and everything else in her life troubles never get in the way of the mystery, but add to it.  By the time you get to the end you are as excited to know what is happening in her life as you are to finding out who the killer is.
A Canadian hero is sometimes hard to find.  A Female Canadian hero is even harder.  I can’t wait to hear more about what happens in Sasha Jackson’s life.
5 big stars

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