Thursday, 7 November 2013

Review: Blood & Groom by Jill Edmondson

Blood & Groom:  the first in the Sasha Jackson Mysteries

I now have a strong desire to meet Sasha Jackson and all it took was reading Blood and Groom by Jill Edmondson.  It’s the kind of novel that if the main character was a dude you’d hear Humphrey Bogart narrating it, “the door opened and in walked the lady in red, and with her came trouble with a capital T.”  Okay, Jill and Sasha are not that corny, but Sasha is a private detective for hire in Toronto and the novel does open with a woman with attitude coming through her door.  She wants to hire Sasha to find out who murdered her ex-fiancée.  There are a few good twists and turns putting mystery on top of mystery on top of mystery.  There’s a bit of Sasha’s personal life – like her part-time gig as a sex phone operator, her chef brother, her best friend who is dating her brother and her gambling father – so that you want to get out there and get the next novel in the series.

I will admit that the copy I downloaded had some big time formatting issues, but I was drawn right into the story and the further in I got, the more I needed to continue.  I really can’t wait to read more of the Sasha Jackson Mysteries.

The author tells me everything has been fixed up, checked, rechecked.  If I were you I would check it out.
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