Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Something NEW

I think I discovered today why I love writing.  I discovered it by looking at my day job, slumping my shoulders forward, and thinking, "I did this yesterday.  I did this last week.  I'll be doing this tomorrow."  When you write it's always different.

Right now I am writing a new chapter in my almost finished second book because I realised I forgot an entire scene.  The point is it's NEW.  I'm workingon ideas for NEW stories.  I don't know what I will write or where it'll go, but everything is NEW.  And in order to write NEW scenes I have to experience NEW things.  I joined a gym.  NEW scene.

I am a writer
Anything you do or say or tell me will probably end up in a story some time soon. 
However, I write fiction so any resemblance to anything you have done, said, or told me is purely coincidental.

I think this is why I hate editing.  I'm editing Red Island right now to get it ready to go into print and I find it painful.  It's not new.  It's still basically the same book I finished in 2010.  Sure, some sentinces and paragraphs might be different, but it is still the same story and has the same ending.  It's all part of the game though.

I'd rather be writing.

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