Sunday, 27 July 2014

1 Dream Down...time to create more

This past weekend I had the opportunity to sell some books in a huge mall in Saskatoon.  I will admit that it was a little slow, but most of the people I talked to were really interested and looking forward to reading my books.

My wife has taken on the job of being a sort of manager for my writing career.  She has taken the time to make business cards, bookmarks and even t-shirts to help get the word out about Lorne Oliver and his novels.  (yes I went 3rd person there, so what?)  I want to thank her for all of her work.

I did get to witness a dream as well.  A gentleman bought my novel, Red Serge, to read while his wife was shopping.  He sat down on a bench and got right to it.  No, he's not headless.
I'm not too sure where I will be going next.  I am in talks with several bookstores across the country.  Until then I will keep writing.
Thanks to everyone for the support.

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